No Shame

I had an awesome time at No Shame Theatre this month!

While I’ve performed innumerable monologues written by other people solo on stage & had lots of fun trying to make people laugh with my improv team, this was the first time I’d ever gotten up live on stage all alone with my own prepared material attempting to make people laugh/stay interested in watching me. No team support or the excuse of “eh, it was improvised” – pretty scary!  I told the story of the root of my strong dislike for raccoons (they are thieving, murderous creatures) and people seemed to enjoy watching/listening to me, so that was a big relief! Yay facing fears! 🙂

No Shame Theatre is an open mic format show once a month in East Nashville. They accept all kinds of act: Stand-up, sketch, singer-songwriter, poetry or essay reading, storytelling… if it’s original performance art & can be done on stage under five minutes, it’s a go. There was a juggler this month! Very fun people & show, highly recommend.