Almost a Mommy

I know I’ve not kept this updated this summer, but I’ve been a little distracted. The truth of the matter is I’m going to be a mommy soon! One more month to go – Feeling lucky it’s been a relatively mild summer here in Nashville.

A Bad Year for Tomatoes at Chaffin’s Barn was my last stage appearance for awhile. By the end of the run I was 25 weeks pregnant & it was getting tough to hide it, even in the hippie costumes. I had a wonderful experience working at the Barn with talented actors and I am very grateful for the opportunity Martha Wilkinson provided me by casting me in the show. What a pleasant, positive last run before my hiatus to learn how this parenting thing works.

I have started a mommy blog (I know, I know… but I get why there are so many now – pregnancy & the anticipation of parenthood is such a strange & scary transformation, channeling all of that into words to share is a relieving outlet…). It’s called Knew Nothing, New Everything.

In the meantime, if you are trying to picture what I’ll look like as a mom, here’s an online commercial I did for Happy Baby Music a couple years ago:

I’m sure it will be just that easy right?? And I’ll look just that fresh with my hair & make-up done as I struggle to get my little one to sleep…