Welcome to Class

I’m realizing I have not made a post about teaching improv at Third Coast Comedy Club. I’ve also just recently put myself in the pool to teach with Unscripted as needed as well.

So far I’ve taught five sessions for TC. While I’ve taught a handful of classes & workshops & seminars in the last decade, the last time I was an instructor this regularly was back in the 2000’s – Are we calling that decade the “naught’s” now? I heard someone describe people as born in the 1900’s recently and I almost choked on my coffee. Anyway – Back then I was regularly teaching modeling and commercial acting training courses & prepping talent for competition at a talent convention.

I take, and took, my job as an instructor seriously. Teachers can make or break you. My modeling mentors were huge influences on me, I’ve had acting coaches & improv instructors who have changed my entire view of myself as a performer, good & bad. An instructor’s inspiration, and/or lack thereof, has the potential to have ripple effects.

So I try to do a decent job. At the very least I care. It was a serious decision to return to instruction, not only because I know people can be fragile and it’s scary to think I could accidentally break one, but also because of the time & energy commitment. Luckily, wonderfully, they have a curriculum I can follow so I’m not having to write my own or revamp material, just tweak for time & taste & talent as I get to know each class.

It’s been a lot of fun so far watching people discover they can do a thing they previously did not believe they could do!