Dragging Myself Back Out

My little girl is now six months old, starting to eat solid food, and comfortable taking a bottle, so leaving her with other caretakers is beginning to get easier, freeing me up to begin to audition again. My very first audition back was for the Nashville Rep‘s intern project & it felt great! Just a quick cold-read, but it was really nice to stretch the auditioning muscle and it went well. They were only reading for one role, and it went to someone else, but the point was to get myself out there again, so I say mission accomplished 🙂 I plan to shoot some fresh headshots & begin seeking out and submitting to projects again in the coming months.

In the meantime, I have still been performing improv with Nashville Improv Company. We had the pleasure of performing at Play Dance Bar Nashville in a show called “Improv Drag Race,” based on RuPaul’s competition show. As you can guess, we were all in drag… the guys were impersonating ladies & the ladies were impersonating men impersonating ladies… we had some great guesses as to who was female and who was male at the end!

Heeey Laaadies!!! Heeey Laaadies!!!

I’m the one in the white wig, second from the right, if you’re having trouble placing me 🙂 Improvising in platform heels, full make-up and a wig was a way different experience! We had a great time & Play wants us back next quarter.

This Saturday I will be getting up with a new improv group called Yes And. We are performing in the Backstage Bar out at Chaffin’s Barn. The group’s home will be Mad Donna’s in East Nashville for the future, but I’m looking forward to performing at the Barn again!

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