And We’re Back in 3…2…

I have two baby girls now! Margaret Elise Reynolds entered the world in October and you can read about that here. So things have been pretty hectic on the Mommy front – a toddler & a nursing baby are no joke.

However, last week I took my very first taped audition back. It was a fortuitous call because they were looking for a redheaded mom! Proud of myself for going for it, I think I gave them a decent read, but not hanging my hat on it. Although one never knows with this stuff.

This past month I also performed in my first improv show since the birth of my second!

It was an NIC Friday night jam show, so not too taxing, just a bunch of fun audience-participation games. But felt really good to get back up there! I’m scheduled to perform in the Yes And show on April 22nd as well, looking forward to working with those peeps again too.

I’m definitely not trying to jump head-first into audition season this year, but I’m excited that I’m starting to tip-toe back to whatever I can still participate in. Hoping by fall I’ll have some new headshots to show off!