Waiting Game

This summer has been so jam-packed with Mom-ing, I barely kept up. As my older girl starts pre-school again & my younger girl starts to ween from the breastfeeding, however, I’m starting to see a possible light at the end of this tunnel where I can start working on my craft again.

I’m very interested in getting back into an on-camera acting studio as I’ve learned there are actually a couple reputable ones to choose from here in Nashville. I participated in a group called CinemaGym in Los Angeles, plus I took some private audition coaching from an instructor from the SAG-AFTRA conservatory while I was in Los Angeles and I miss the workout they provided. So I will looking into auditing classes this fall to see where I feel I fit in. At the same time, I also really loved my classes with Actor’s Bridge & I’d like to dive into that community as well… So I’m going to have to do some soul-searching to decide where it will best serve me to spend my time & energy in 2018 with regard to acting.

Currently, improv is still the easiest thing for me to jump into. I’ve only been able to do one other show under the NIC banner, they do a Franklin Improv All-Star show at the Little Brick Theatre in Franklin in co-operation with the Sprocket/Pudding Parade people. It was a lot of fun! I also played with Yes And all summer long for their third Thursday shows at Third Coast Improv in Marathon Village. Third Coast also has a fun jam night (appropriately called The Jam) every first & third Wednesday which I’ve been trying to get out for as well. It’s really exciting & interesting to meet & play with a crazy mix of improvisers on those nights! Like scripted acting, I’m going to really need to put some thought into where my energy needs to be going. I know practicing and performing improv is absolutely key to maintaining my sanity (hey, there are worse things to be addicted to…) but I need to figure out what about the art is essential to me and try not waste energy on the other stuff.

So that’s what’s bouncing around in my head. I have been taking a few taped auditions, I’m planning on checking out the student film needs to see if there’s anything relevant interesting, and I know new headshots are a necessity before I earnestly dive back in. Everything in due time. This industry has always been a big waiting game after all, so what’s another round of holding my breath gonna hurt?

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